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Investment Readiness Program

The investment readiness program is designed for startups at the stage of commercialization and are ready to penetrate the market and raise investments for scaling.


The investment readiness program is designed for startups at the stage of commercialization and are ready to penetrate the market and raise investments for scaling. Also, post-completion of the program structure catalyst would extend support for a duration of 6 months with respect to any support required by the startup. Services requiring manpower and our sourcing of tasks would be chargeable.

Duration: 3 Months, Program Fee: INR 20,000/- (for the entire duration of the program)


This program aims to bridge the gap between startups and the Market. From the market, we mean getting possible product validation via sales, Customer feedback, Corporate partners and Investment firms.



Assisting the startups in the product growth journey and also helping them to scale.



Upon successful completion, the startups will be market-ready and be able to get the right kind of knowledge about the different stages involved in their growth journey.

Key Features
  • Storyboarding and Narrative Building for Investment Raise.
  • Stakeholder Pitch-Deck Making - with direct primary and secondary Digital First Market fit.
  • Financial Modeling and Financial Projections session.
  • Evangelizing the new or redefined Go-to-Market Strategy Plan.
  • Investments Opportunity Analysis and external commitments and syndications (Venture Debt and Equity wise).
  • Freebies and Cloud Credits for your Tech Platform
  • Launch and channel integration - connecting channel partners and leaders for easier access and growth in the market, with respect to newer lines of customer integration.
Program Flow & Engagement Plan


Each team will be allocated a mentor from a relevant industry background. The team may suggest a suitable individual as a mentor, whom Catalyst may connect to. Alternatively, Catalyst may appoint a mentor from its pool of experts.

Curated Workshops

Teams will undergo a training program structured over the duration of the program. In-depth training sessions on the following relevant issues related to starting up will be held:

  • Workshop 1:Analyze the competition - Understand how your business stands out from competitors and what unique value it offers. Highlight your competitive advantages and consider potential barriers to entry. How to identify your target customers and create customer personas.
  • Workshop 2:Financial Modeling and Financial Projections - Through this session, we assist entrepreneurs in creating financial models that encompass revenue forecasts, expense projections, cash flow statements, and key performance indicators.
  • Workshop 3:Go to Market Strategy - This session will focus on the comprehensive plan that outlines how the company will bring its product or service to market, reach target customers, and ultimately generate revenue.
  • Workshop 4:Pitch Perfection - Startups will refine their investor pitch, making it compelling and attractive to potential investors. This includes crafting a persuasive narrative, financial projections, and a clear go-to-market strategy.
  • Workshop 5:Investment outreach - In this session, the startups will go through the investment process and will be explained all the Investment instruments used in the ecosystem and how to reach out to the investment firms to speed up the process.
  • Workshop 6:Valuation Approach - This session will help the startups understand how to come to the desired valuation and how the investment firms evaluate the startups on the basis of their valuation.
  • Workshop 7:Branding & Promotion - This session will help the startups to identify the best possible branding approach for their business. (Example - Social Media, ATL/BTL etc).
  • Workshop 8:Compliance and Diligence - This session will focus on comprehensive due diligence preparation by ensuring compliance readiness and offering essential legal and administrative support, encompassing tasks such as company registration and contract drafting.

Program Check-ins

Every second Friday, an hour-long meeting with the Catalyst team to gauge progress and identify bottlenecks and areas of additional support required.

Expected Outcome: Investment Readiness Program
  • The ultimate goal is to become investment ready to fuel growth. Startups will be prepared to seek and secure investments from various sources, including angel investors, venture capitalists, or grants and competitions.
  • Startups will have a clear plan for scaling their operations and expanding into new markets, whether regionally, nationally, or internationally.
  • Path to Investment: Ultimately, the desired outcome is to make the startup learn how to raise investments and be Familiar with all the steps involved and how to reach the right set of valuation in conjunction with their current traction.
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