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Ignite Program

Fueling idea-stage startups to transform innovation into viable ventures.


Ignite is an intensive idea incubation program designed to nurture and empower idea-stage startups, providing them with the essential knowledge, resources, and mentorship needed to transform their innovative concepts into viable startups.

Duration: 3 Months, Program Fee: INR 12000/- (for the entire duration of the program)


This program aims to bridge the gap between ideation and realization, ensuring that promising ideas receive the support they need to become a validated & viable initiative to be incubated for further support.


Participant Profile

Individuals or teams with a strong entrepreneurial mindset with innovative and unique concepts or technologies that have the potential to disrupt existing markets or create new ones.



Assist startups in refining and validating their initial concepts. Curated mentoring and training workshops.



Upon successfully validating the idea and associated assumptions, get an opportunity to become part of the next-level Incubation Programs with IIT Mandi Catalyst.

Key Features
  • Curated mentoring sessions & workshops to guide participants on how to critically evaluate their ideas, considering factors like market demand, competition, scalability, and feasibility.
  • Provide training on conducting thorough market research to understand target audiences, industry trends, and potential gaps in the market.
  • Introduce the principles of the lean startup methodology, emphasizing the importance of building minimum viable products (MVPs) to test assumptions and gather real-world feedback.
  • Offer guidance for creating prototypes or proof-of-concept models to showcase the idea's functionality and potential.
  • Help participants recognize when it's necessary to pivot their ideas or persevere based on validation results and changing market conditions.
Program Flow & Engagement Plan

Curated Workshops

Teams will undergo a training program structured over the duration of the exploration program. In-depth training sessions on the following relevant issues related to starting up will be held:

  • Workshop 1: Visioning Exercise: Why Startup? Aligning thinking with action to achieve effective execution
  • Workshop 2: Design Thinking: How to identify a problem and approach its solution?
  • Workshop 3: Target Customers: How to identify your target customers and create customer personas.
  • Workshop 4: Minimum Viable Product: How to develop prototype & test selected concepts with customers.
  • Workshop 5: Sustainable Business Models: Learn what is an efficient business model and why it is important. Explore the importance of customer value propositions.
  • Workshop 6: Story Telling: Learn how to tell a story that resonates with your target audience and builds brand recognition.
  • Demo Day: Serves as a culmination of the program and a platform for startups to showcase their progress whilst identify opportunities for startups to transition to the next level of incubation programs


Mentoring from mentors from relevant industry backgrounds as per the requirements.

Ignite Check-ins

Monthly meeting with the Catalyst team to gauge progress and identify bottlenecks and areas of additional support required.

Expected Outcome: Phase 1 Incubation Program
  • Refined Startup Idea: At the end of the program, the team will have a much clearer and refined startup idea. This means that their initial concept has been developed, validated, and improved upon through feedback and mentorship.
  • Market Validation: The team will have a better understanding of its target market and about the demand for the proposed solution. This validation is crucial for the next stages of growth.
  • Path to Incubation:Ultimately, the desired outcome is to have a startup that is ready to move to Phase 1 of the Incubation Program.
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