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DST PRAYASHALA is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the National Initiative for Development and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) which is an umbrella program conceived and developed by the DST-National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, for enabling the innovators to translate their innovative idea into a working prototype. Prayashala will enable innovators to go through a cycle of imagination, design, prototyping, reflection, and iteration as a part of the process to find solutions to challenges or bring their ideas to reality.

Join a community of Ideators, Entrepreneurs and Imagineers at the Prayashala in IIT Mandi Catalyst. More than a maker space, the Prayashala is all in one innovation center: design, build, test and manufacture your project under one roof.

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3D printer

Brand - Markforged
Model – BFB04512HHSA
Specification -
Materials: Polymers such as Nylon white, Onyx, etc.
Fiber Materials: HSHT Fiberglass (High-Strength High-Temperature Fiberglass), Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar.
Build Volume: 320mm X 132mm X 154mm

Angle Grinder

Brand - Eastman
Model – EDG-100T
Specification -
Max Diameter: 100 MM
Input Power: 850 W

Sheet Cutting Machine

Brand - Atlas
Model – KO-24
Specification -
Max Diameter: 3 MM
Input Power: 220 V

Pedestal Grinder

Brand - SMC
Model – DMC-10-10
Specification -
1HP, 3 Phase, 2800 RPM, Disc 10 Inch, 440 VOLT, Cast Iron- Copper

Bench Grinder

Brand - Bosch
Model – GBG 60-20
Specification -
Speed: 3000/3600 RPM, Rated Power Input: 600 W, Frequency: 50-60 Hz,, Disc Diameter: 200 mm

Belt Sander

Brand - Master
Model – EDG-100T
Specification -
Cap 6inch*600mm Belt Size with 1 H.P, 3 Phase Motor

Power Hacksaw

Brand - Master
Model – VK-8
Specification -
Hydraulically Operated, Complete With 1HP Motor, Starter, 12” /14” Blades

Air Compressor

Brand - PWN
Model – PWN
Specification -
Air Compressor 5HP With Motor

CNC Lathe Machine

Model – PD 400/CNC
Specification -
Center Width:- 395-405 mm
Height of centers: 82-88 mm
Maximum workpiece dia: 98-105 mm
Spindle receiver: MK3
Spindle drill hole: 18-22 mm
Chuck: ROHM-3 jaw chuck,
Spindle speeds: Must be adjustable
Speed Range: 75 to 2800 rpm
Speed Stages: 6 - 8
Motor rating: Input 850W to 880W, Output 540W to 560W
Motor type: Induction motor, Single phase 230 V

CNC Milling Machine

Model – FF 500 CNC
Specification -
Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Capacity: 390 - 410 Watt
Motor Speed: 100rpm to 4000rpm
dimensions: H Max. 760mm, W Max. 560mm, D Max.560mm
Quill feed: 28-32 mm
Table size: L 390 - 410mm x W 120 -130mm
Tool holder: From 6 to12 mm collet chucks
Vertical Travel: 190 - 210mm

Jig Saw

Brand - Eastman
Model – EJS-060
Specification -
Cutting Depth: 25 mm
No Load Stroke Rate: 500-3000 spm
Power Consumption: 600 W

Portable Drill Machine

Brand - Eastman
Model – EID-013
Specification -
Type: Pistol Grip Drill
Chuck Size: 13 mm Reverse Rotation
Power Source: Corded

Manual Stacker

Brand - ACE
Model – MS 10
Specification -
Capacity: 1000 Kg,
Lift Height: 1600 mm
Fork Length: 1150 mm

Hand Pallet

Brand - Voltas
Model – TMW-25
Specification -
TMW 25 Cap. – 2500 kgs
Length – 1220 mm
Width – 685mm

Arc Welding Machine

Brand - Electra KokoTawa
Model – ARC-250
Specification -
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output Current Range: 20-250 A

Spot welding machine

Brand - SMC
Model – 15 kva
Specification -
15 KVA I/II Phase Transformer Base Without Timer

Wood Turning Machine

Brand - Agile
Model – 15 kva
Specification -
Length of the bed- 6 Feet, Height of Center- 8 inches, Approx Spindle Speed- 700/1400/2800 RPM, Face Plate Dia- 7.5 inch, Power Required- 1 H.P./1400RPM

Plasma Cutting Machine

Brand - Agile
Model – 15 kva
Specification -
Electra KPT 10:Power parameter: Phase 3 50/60Hz, 0.4 M pa 0.55 M pa (Air Pressure) No-load voltage: 270V, Rated working range: 120V,

Electronic Workstation

Brand - Scientific
Model – Handheld
Specification -
50 MHz DSO SMO502 Multi-output power supply Model PSD3304 10 MHz Function gen Model SM5078A

Digital Multimeter

Brand - Keysight
Model – Handheld
Specification -
Frequency and temperature measurement voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance

IC Tester

Brand - Tektronix & Keithley
Model – MME-DIT 2040
Specification -
Power Consumption-5W speed 8 Mbps Storage
Temperature: 4 to 149 deg relative humidity 10 to 90% supportive speed 100 Mbps


Brand - Scientific
Model – DSOX1202A
Specification -
Frequency 50 MHz DSO SMO502 Multi-output power supply

Soldering Desoldering and Hot air station

Brand - NVIS
Model – 7300L SMD
Specification - For SMD Rework:
Power consumption: 270W Air pump: diaphragm pump Capacity: 24L/min Hot air temperature: 200 to 550°C Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Soldering: Power consumption: 60W Input voltage: 190 to 290 V AC Temperature range: 180 to 480 °C Temperature stability: ±10°C Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Desoldering: Desold: 70 watts Input: 170 to 270 V (190 to 290 V AC) Temperature range: 180 to 480°C

Power Supply

Brand - Scientech
Model – 4077 A
Specification -
Three floating, independent DC supply voltages DC Outputs 0 -30V/ 2A, 5V/ 2 A & 0±15V (Dual Tracking) /1A each

Arbitrary /Function Generator

Brand - Tektronix
Model – AFG1062
Specification -
2Channel: 60MHz Bandwidth: 300MSa/s sampling rate: 1M points arbitrary waveform resolution: 3.9 Color LCD: 2U half rack: USB Host/Device.

PCB Prototype Machine

Brand - Roland
Model – MDX-50
Specification -
Working speed: 0-4000mm/min
Working accuracy: 6-8mil
Drilling depth: 0.02 ~ 3mm Drilling diameter: 0.4 ~ 3.175mm
Drilling holes: 40-100/min Repeat Accuracy: 0.025mm
Function Request: Protel PCB document can be directly put in. (Gerber)
Spindle speed: 24000rpm
Spindle power: 800W

High-Temperature Furnace

Brand - Nabertherm
Model – LT 5/13 ,5/11
Specification -
Temperature (max) in °C -3000 Inner dimensions in mm- W-200 D-170 H- 130 Volume (in l)- 5 Outer dimensions 2 in mm

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