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There are many factors that influence entrepreneurship e.g unsatisfactory work environment, unwanted career transition, desire to apply innovative thoughts, financial independence and a strong will to achieve personal goals. Great ideas are a dime a dozen, and everyone has one. But, there's always something which stops us from taking action on these ideas. If you have a tendency to pursue things until they're finished, here is your first step.

Catalyst Kaksha is an education vehicle for quick insights and learnings for entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs to help them build, launch & scale their ventures. With this initiative we intend to equip the youth with the functional knowledge and skill to build a base for innovation and creating a value system; and developing entrepreneurial culture, which drives wealth creation and gives further push to innovations.

Internet is full of information. But access to information does not translate into learning. Otherwise everyone with data pack would be a learned person today.
Learning needs facilitation. Learning needs guidance. Learning needs hand holding. Learning needs EXPERIENCE. Learning needs a KAKSHA.
Catalyst Kaksha is an opportunity to *Experience* the idea to business plan journey. Not listen, but learn by doing.

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INR 1000.00
New Lecturer Meeting
April 232022

Idea to Business Plan

By: Raj Bhat

INR 1000.00
New Lecturer Meeting
June 42022

Idea to Business Plan

By: Raj Bhat


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