Entrepreneur in Residence Program:


EIR program aims at supporting graduating students and Alumni of IIT Mandi in taking their first step towards exploring entrepreneurial ideas. This program will partially set off opportunity cost for graduating students so that they can explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

  • The program is open to Graduating students and Alumni of IIT Mandi.
  • EIR is a full time position. Candidate can not be working or studying at any organization/institute. 

  • Candidate shall spend 80% of time on exploring his/her business idea and 20% of time to support Catalyst in administration/operations

  • Maximum duration of program is one year. Progress evaluation will be done quarterly. Upon satisfactory performance, a decision will be taken for continuation.
  • EIR engagement may lead to exploration or incubation program based on progress made by the candidate.
  • Monthly stipend of INR 25000
  • Office space, access to IIT Mandi laboratories and infrastructure
  • Access to IIT Mandi faculty and students
  • Networking and mentoring support

Submit your business idea with a statement of purpose (400-500 words), suitability for this position and your latest resume to  iitmandicatalyst@gmail.com