The Foothill Innovators Challenge - Build for Himalayas

Supply Chain Building
Climate Change
Disaster Management
Education & Employment
Other Ideas serving the Himalayan Region
Scaling local products and services
Natural Resource Management
Road Safety
Rural Development
Vernacular Architecture
The problem statements in this area are devised in close communication with the state's Industries Department, HP Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Department of IT, and Labor Commissioner Office-HP.

Problem Statements in Build for Himalayas thematic area

  • Hill road safety, disaster prevention, and management
  • Demand and supply-side challenges to himalayan agriculture
  • Vocal for local - interventions to scale local products and services
  • Rural development - education, skill training, and employment
  • Patient oriented hospital management information system, digitization of patient health records and prescriptions, and data based analytics for decision making.
  • Route tracking of popular high elevation trekking routes
  • Location tracking of trekkers in areas with and without internet network
  • SoS system for trekkers to call help in areas without internet network
  • Integration of intra-departmental and inter-departmental data to take data-based decisions
  • Low cost technology solutions for displaying, managing, and monitoring vehicle inflow, time-keeping and payment at parking areas
  • Solutions for managing state’s blue collared human resource including factory commissioning, labor law compliance, labor hiring and training
  • Solutions for efficient record keeping and employment matchmaking for human resource
  • Technology on drones for use cases in Himalayas - essentials delivery, difficult terrain mapping and discovery, use cases in high altitude agriculture (sprays, irrigation, etc)
  • Drone based solutions for monitoring, mapping, and reporting of deforestation, and solutions for reforestation
  • Solutions to promote vernacular housing, sustainable living, and green practices at individual and organizational levels
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